Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 4 Hour House

I am in Tim Ferriss Overdrive.  Google him if you just said "who?". 

My husband bought 4 Hour Body six months ago and tackled every chapter in order of life relevance.  No small feat considering the size of this book - hardback 570 pages.  Before I knew it, I was living with a converted Ferrissite.  He would kill me if I shared his personal stats on the internet but let's just say that he's several years older than me and currently sportin' an 8 pack.  No lie.  He has always been an amazing image of fitness but the 4HB changes were undeniable.  Frankly, it was yet another crappy reminder of the genetic advantages of men v. women in the world of fitness. 

Genetic advantage or not, THIS train was not leaving without me.  I started stealing the book from the nightstand and hauling it down to the beach on a hand truck.  Tim's writing style is open, self-deprecating and pretty much hilarious so it was at least entertaining to jam through the chapters that could most help me reach my goals:   Running Faster and Farther, The Last Mile: Losing the Final 5-10 lbs, How to Learn to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days, and The Slow Carb Diet.

The simplicity of his Slow Carb diet is genius and precisely the kind of thing that drives people crazy. When I taught nutrition classes for Curves, I could lay out the plan in 10 minutes but then had to stand up at the podium for 2 hours and field questions from women trying to find away around the plan.  Example:

Woman:  Can I still have my coffee in the morning.  I will DIE without my coffee!
Me:  What kind of "coffee" do you drink?
Woman:  Double mocha latte with whip.
Me:  You can have black coffee with no sweetener.
Woman:  What if I don't like that?
Me:  Then you DON'T LIKE COFFEE! 

The same thing is happening all over Tim's blog and website.  Some days he must curse the day he released the book.   Everyone is looking for a way around his five incredibly simple sentences.  Thankfully, he's calling BS all over the place.  I wish I could be friends with Tim.

If you're wondering about those five incredibly simple sentences, I urge you to borrow, buy or download the book.  The guy wrote a whole huge book for a reason. You'll learn a lot - I promise you that! 

I bring all this up to say that I will soon post a page of vegetarian 4HB meal ideas & recipes.  4HB is heavy on meat but Tim includes several notes for vegetarians and a larger appendix chapter on vegetarianism.  Also, for those who have asked how I intend to succeed at Resolution #3 - this is the nutritional portion of the plan.   Lord knows, it isn't going to happen by magic! 

One last thing... 4HB made me a faster and more efficient runner. Thanks Tim.


  1. BABY CHICKS! For your #3, have you tried the."cat puke" move? They really do work the core! I was overwhelmed by this book initially, but after reading the intro, I was relieved when he said it isn't meant to be read cover to cover and even gives tips on how to use/read the book to each individuals benefit.

  2. Ang, I'm all over the "cat puke"... Now it's on to kettle bells BIG TIME. I have to order them in and after emailing with Alice awhile back, I'm starting with a 25lb bell. Any thoughts on that?

  3. Oh,sweet! I tried lifting one at Eli's house and it wasn't pretty, bua Alice threw that thing aroundlike it was a Nerf ball. Ny upper body is quite wimpy though. I think you will love it and the results. Alice always looks gorgeous, but her butt went sky high! Thomas and I have been checking KB prices and will get one when it is appropriate to spend. I am looking at much lighter ones 12lbs. :/ Alice knows her KB though, so go with what she suggested. According to 4HB, pms KB is all you need! :).