Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I think I'm in love with Brussel Sprouts

There's a string of words I never thought I would type.  Ever.

When I espouse my love for brussel sprouts, there are only two reactions.  YUM or GROSS - no one seems to feel ambivalent about these little green gems.  I fear that a million yucky brussel sprouts were cooked in the 60's & 70's... perhaps they were boiled?  I don't know.  If you think you hate them, just do me a $5 favor and pick up some fresh brussel sprouts and try this...

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Cherry Tomatoes and Walnuts

1 lb fresh brussel sprouts
1/2 lb fresh cherry tomatoes
6 oz. halved walnuts
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Sea Salt
Cracked Black Pepper

First, rinse off the sprouts and trim any little hard stems areas from their bottoms. Also rinse the tomatoes and set out to dry.  Wet vegetables don't make great roasted vegetables!

Preheat the oven to 400F

Half the brussel sprouts, laying them face up on a cookie sheet.  Add the olive oil, salt and pepper and give a liberal toss.

Place in the hot oven (make sure you wait for the preheat!) and let them become wonderful for 15 minutes.

Next, add the tomatoes and give the whole pan a toss.  You can leave the tomatoes whole or cut them in half.  I personally like them halved.  No worries. Wait another 10 minutes.

Last, add the halved walnuts and give a stir.  The walnuts will burn so keep an eye on them.  They should be in for no more than three to four minutes.

Remove from the oven, place the tray in a towel on your lap and eat the whole thing.

I know I'm not supposed to "flash" food but I tried like mad to get it without a flash and now I'm starving.  Forgive me.

Until recently, I didn't know that brussel sprouts grow like this...

I think it's cool.



  1. Wow - I didn't realize they grew in poles either, I guess that makes sense because I have seen them on a pole in the store before. We're going to be cooking up some brussel sprouts this week too - giving them another try!

  2. I KNOW! I guess I thought they grew like little baby lettuce? Or more to the point - I never thought about it :) On my Facebook page I got about zillion comments after posting this... the divide was clear - 100% brussel fans or those who would like to see them wiped off the face of the planet. Good luck this weekend! I hope you find the LOVE :) L

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