My Life

In A Nutshell

I'm a native Oregonian who has spent the majority of my adulthood hiding out in the Caribbean. Currently soaking up everything that Beautiful Barbados has to offer.  One more year of paradise to go...  
Vegetarian: Obvious, no?  I took the joyful leap on October 1, 2010. When I started this blog I was truly the most unlikely person to ever go veg.  I despised lettuce (still do) and my specialty in the kitchen was Carolina Pulled Pork.  As a fitness junkie, I truly believed that eating chicken breasts four times a day was the way to go.

I went veg as a quick experiment in fitness and health.  If I felt no different after 30 days, I would go back on the animals.  Once I quit them, the veil was lifted and I allowed myself to learn and SEE what animal consumption truly means. No going back now...

Personal trainer: Think Jillian Michaels with more surface laughter to conceal underlying evil.

Kick Boxer: I used to be badass. Now I teach others to be badass.

Marathoner: I completed my second Marine Corps Marathon (OORAH!) during Hurricane Sandy this past October.  I'm looking toward my first trail marathon in February, 2013.

Wife: Married 10 years to (hot) supportive omnivore who is slowly coming to the "light" side!  Getting him off of cow's milk was my goal for 2012 and I am happy to report - Mission Accomplished.

Dog Mom of four years to a hybrid dog/rabbit/bat named Bunnie, or Buns, or The Bunster, or BunStar.  A friend to all who know her!  She was rescued from a sealed cardboard box on the side of the highway, her vocal cords crushed from being tied with a rope as she grew. My precious girl has learned to use fake sneezes to communicate. Hilarious. This dog is pure love and a daily reminder that we may not be God's best work!

Bunnie McHugh - kickin' it at the beach