Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Days Between

I am constantly inspired by my clients. In fact, the day I am NOT inspired should be the day I quit.

I have a plethora of shining stars in my roster but today I was struck by something universally incredible about one in particular. Client "Q" is beginning her journey toward shedding 80 pounds. Daunting? Yes. When we started working together in late November she had trouble breathing after 30 seconds of effort, but lately things have gotten better. Much better! She's kicking ass at boxing, spending time on the treadmill (even when I don't tell her to) AND completed an 8K off road hike with me last weekend. Then she shocked me completely by cleaning up her diet and dropping 10 pounds in 8 days. Hallelujah!

Today I had the luxury of an assistant coach so I was able to watch "Q" and critique her form. The fire in her was undeniable and as I watched her do things that were impossible mere weeks ago I realized - she is going to change her life. “Q” is in The Days Between. The Days Between disease and health. The Days Between beating herself up and becoming a shining example of what is possible. Every Day Between counts for everything. Your decisions in The Days Between cause your success or failure.

There were a couple of hundred Days Between my first 1km attempt around the track and slogging out 42kms to cross the finish line at the marathon. There have been 17 Days Between deciding to learn to swim and today... my goggles STILL aren't here but that doesn't mean I'm not learning a little every single day. I'm watching videos, talking to tri-athletes and starting to carve time out of my schedule in advance. If you hear a giant sucking sound in the coming days, it's probably just me at my first swim lesson. Glory I feel like a five year old!

Although I tend to put things in very "physical" terms, I realize that all goals are not physical. Whatever your goal, the best way to spend The Days Between is surrounded by people who will get you there. Find people who are doing what you want to be doing. If you look around and realize that everyone in your circle thinks your dream is crazy Get.A.New.Circle. If even YOU think your dream is crazy - find someone who has done it and talk to them. I promise you'll be shocked at how much people love to share their experiences.

Spend your Days Between wisely. Think of "Q" sweating her butt off in the gym with a big ol' smile on her face if you need a little inspiration!