Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Dirty Five - Resolutions for 2012

There are probably only 12 bloggers in the world that did not place "be more consistent with my blog" on their laundry list of New Year's Resolutions. I am not one of the 12!

It's tough to keep up a blog over the holidays. In theory, time off "work" should equate to an avalanche of blog posts. Not so much in my case - but I've had a lot of fun! Frankly, if you don't step away from the keyboard to LIVE your life, what the hell is there to write about?

I've spent a lot of my 'off time' setting goals for 2012. Assuming we don't all blow up in some Mayan explosion on December 21, the following list will define this year of my life on earth. (Dramatic, yeah?)

1. I will learn to swim properly. I've got this in the bag. My running girls consist of a competitive swimmer and a triathlete. Expensive goggles already ordered. Done.

2. I will devote one hour per day to phone calls to my loved ones. I've had enough of the nagging feeling that I have phone calls to make. Not every call requires three hours and a dead phone battery. Emails are no substitute for voices and laughter.

3. I will develop one discernible abdominal muscle. My husband swears I can knock this out in six weeks. I beg to differ. At my fittest, I've never been able to see an ab muscle. Getting this done at 42 will be bad ass.

4. I will get at least 3 restaurants on Barbados to develop a vegan dish for their menu. Outreach is the name of the game. I've got big plans in the works for a new website and doing some restaurant outreach is the first step in building my empire! (insert evil cackle here)

5. The big enchilada... I will train to be a pacer at the Western States 100. This is probably where most of you go - huh? Let me 'splain. I was given the amazing opportunity to pace one of the most inspirational people I know from miles 62 to 80 at Western States. My part of the race will be in the dead of night, on a trail, with a headlamp. My job will be to "be" whatever my runner needs... chatty cathy, church mouse, ass kicker, Tony Robbins - take your pick. I will need to know the trail, aid stations and distance/times by heart but will never have stepped foot on the trail. Again, this is in the dark, on a trail (roots, rocks, etc.) with a headlamp, with an incredible ultra-marathoner. I have zero experience at any of this. Hands down, this terrifies me.

*There is a new documentary out about Western States - you can view the trailer here to get a taste of what I'm in for... assuming I stay heatlthy, injury-free and unafraid.

There it is – the dirty five! Last year I slurred out my goal after a few too many rums at Crane Beach on Christmas, "I'm going to run a marathon!” Following through with that moment of ill-thought-out resolution setting utterly change my life. I cannot wait to see where it all ends up this year!

Barring any Mayan explosion…



    I think every one of your resolutions are IN THE BAG!!! No.3, piece o'cake! I should jump on that resolution too! I can't even tell you how No.1 makes me jump up and down excited!!! I am refraining from sending you a list of triathlons...for now. ;) Next thing you will tell me, like you did with running, is that people don't cycle on Barbados. Actually, I might agree with that one. Those would be some scary roads to be on! I am drifting from the topic! I have no doubt you will be the perfect 'saleswoman' for No.4. And as for No.5...again with the jumping up and down!!!!! Opportunity of a lifetime!!!
    You are driven and true...I know you will reach every one of these goals Lauren!

    Happy 2012!!! Bring it on!!!

  2. Aw Ang! You have provided SO MUCH inspiration throughout this journey. I still remember hyperventilating at the photograph of the swim start at your Ironman! I am in awe and count myself LUCKY that I have beautiful YOU in my cheering section. Onward and upward for 2012! Love & hugs, L

  3. Love your list girlfriend! And, getting three restaurants to offer a vegan dish is a snap with you at the helm... start with Mark at Cafe Sol/Cafe Luna and you've got two restaurants... MoJos has a new menu (I've been told), and the little cafe up at Earthworks might be a good place to consider. Just thinking, Vegan Mexican has GOT to be snap. And, I'll do every sit up and crunch you do!! I promise. Love you to the core! Your goals are locked and you're going to check off every last one. Hugs from snowy Alexandria!

  4. Hills (aka VataGirl - love it!) Great suggestions on the restaurants and definitely along the lines of what I was thinking. I'd actually just be thrilled to get homemade salsa on the tables at Cafe Sol... here's to hoping! Mojo's new menu is actually called "The Chopping Board" and couldn't have more animals on it if they tried. But I'm not one to back down from the challenge. I'd also like to get Steve to create a homemade veggie burger for Surfer's Cafe and Surfer's Bay... that would definitely increase the quality of my sunset cocktails and I think his clientele would support it. I'll let you know how the abs go - dear me. Enjoy the snow sweet sister! Love.

  5. Lauren you are such a an inspirational person. You have really changed the way I think and live my life. Thank you so much.

  6. Michele, those are the sweetest words sister. I think of you often and am so happy for the time we spent in Ayurveda World last summer. I hope you're doing fantastic - send me an update on YOU via email... boys, Kate Spade, Ayurveda, your roommate :) Big Hugs, L