Going Veg

If you're thinking about leaving the meat behind, this page of links is for you!   The following are some of my posts from the past couple of years that may be of use in the early days of your journey.

You can do it!

Baby Steps v. Cliff Jumping
Should you remove the animals one by one from your diet or quit them "cold turkey"?

Climbing The Walls
My take on why and how we become animals lovers who eat meat.

Enjoying Vegetarian/Vegan Podcasts
Podcasts can provide an oasis in the desert!  Download, learn and enjoy!

Making Life Easier Part One
Tips on how to navigate dinner invites, how to host a party for omnivores, and your best bet for restaurants.

Making Life Easier Part Two
Tips on surviving a day of travel - on the plane, in the airport and beyond!  It's a tricky business :)

Handy Kitchen Tips
Yes, organic produce is a little more expensive but wasted food is the most expensive food of all!  Get down with some handy kitchen tips to reduce veggie waste.

Perfectly Imperfect
Hear this loud and clear: You will never be a perfect vegetarian/vegan.  And that's OK!

Shining at parties
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