Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orange Food

I saw an add for Popeye's Chicken where they featured three different "combos".  It dawned on me that all of the food was completely orange.  No other colors (or God forbid vegetables) were included in any of the featured meals.  This not only indicates that all of the food is deep fried BUT that the company executives looked at that ad and no one was concerned that none of the items is indistinguishable from the other.  Big baskets of orange food is what they're going for.

And yet, each morning as I head into work with my 32 oz green smoothie, at least one person will look at my cup and recoil at the sight of the green.  Many people make a face like they just smelled dog poop and then remark "what is the hell is THAT?"  

How did we get here?  How did the color green - the color that sustains all life through chlorophyl and oxygen, the color of green grass, palm trees and fields of produce become the color of disgust?  How did baskets of orange food that don't contain a single actual 'orange' become desirable?

Do me a favor and Google Image "vegetarian meals" and behold the color of life, health, vitality and nature.  Get inspired to bring LIFE and COLOR to your table and share the message with everyone around you.  Life is too short to eat paper boxes of orange!


Chili's again - two orange ads!

Long John Silvers

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