Monday, April 9, 2012

20 Running Songs

A little more inspiration for ya...
My friend Linda asked me for my top 20 running songs to give to a friend of hers who just started running - a newbie looking for a little inspiration!  I love it!

At first glance I thought 'No Problem!'.  I can rock 20 songs in 20 seconds.  But now the pressure is mounting because I realize how subjective music can be.   Opening up your running playlist is quite revealing - I feel a little naked.

I Googled "Running Playlists" recently and was shocked to see a disturbing amount AC/DC, Metallica and Van Halen.  Weird.  It's the music of my high school years so could perhaps be nostalgic but I mainly just want to turn it down. Besides - when nostalgia strikes, it usually comes in the form of New Order.

Naked or not... like it or not... here are my current top 20 running songs:

1.  Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine (favorite of the moment)
2.  Everlong - Foo Fighters  (ANY version of this song will do)
3.  Radioactive (Remix) - Kings of Leon
4.  Tongue Tied - Grouplove (Fun!)
5.  Naive - The Kooks
6.  Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol
7.  Wandering Star - Polica  (Perfect warm up song)
8.  Take Care - Drake & Rihanna (Barbados makes you love Rihanna like it or not)
9.  Wide Eyes - Local Natives
10. Hold On - Alabama Shakes (toward the end of your long run)
11. She's Long Gone - The Black Keys
12.  If you Run (Live) - The Boxer Rebellion
13.  Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall - Coldplay
14.  Balance - Future Islands
15.  Thunder - Matisyahu  (lyrics perfect for early morning runners!)
16.  16 Years- Phantogram (another good warm up for early morning)
17.  We Will All Be Changed - Seryn (imagine running the Scottish highlands)
18.  Last Summer - Pete Yorn
19.  Just Breathe -  Pearl Jam (for slow rolling hills on a beautiful morning)
20.  Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine (Too late! Every runner already has it)

There she is - a snapshot of my current running playlist.

There are many songs that have been banished from the list for the crime of being overplayed - but it's not their fault.  I had a marathon to train for and some songs just had to pay the price!  RIP old songs... perhaps I'll see you in rotation again some day...


  1. By you exposing your music tastes soul may liberate others to share a little also - great playlist! If people get comfortable with naked (anyway who told Adam and Eve that they were naked and it was sinful to be that way?) and if we overcome our other great fear - fear of public speaking - then we are relatively FREE.
    Let it not be forgotten what time you listen to these tracks - in Barbados they train at some crazy hour in the morning (before sunrise) to avoid the heat. X

  2. David, It's so great that you brought up the time of day that I listen to these songs. When they crop up on my iPod in the afternoon or evening, they don't sound "right". So many of these are songs that get me through the dark mornings and the roads of Barbados are all blended with the music. I always wonder if I'll be able to listen to any of them when we move. It makes me a little sad just thinking about it.