Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Moments

Becoming a vegetarian is quite possibly the most joyful thing I've ever done.  (Marrying a wonderful man aside ;)  It fills my heart and simultaneously breaks it on a daily basis.  Ask any vegetarian "why?" and you'll get a thousand answers.  My "why" is a blend of many things, but essentially my health came first and then the animal compassion piece came second.  I've always been an animal lover but I absolutely and unconsciously separated them into animals we love and animals we eat.  The only difference now is that ALL animals are residing in that first camp!

Last month I sent out an email to my closest girlfriends that chronicled the story of a Vegan writer, Colleen Patrick-Godreau, who lost her gay best friend suddenly on an operating table a few months ago.  In his honor, she adopted a tiny baby goat at The Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York.  Farm Sanctuary is big on my list of places to visit and if you want a big hit of HAPPY, just click here to visit their website and read amazing stories of the farm animals they've saved.  This photo sent me into tears...

Scribbles the baby Goat, with pics of Michael Scribner

It had such an effect because I lost my dear friend Brian to AIDS back in 2001 and the way Colleen spoke of her friend reminded me so much of Brian - it hit a cord that just plain hurt.   I shared the story with my girls and thanked them profusely for standing by my side through all the changes in my life over these past two years.  Of course, tears-a-plenty reigned down upon my keyboard.

Two days ago I got this in the mail...

This is what your best friends will do for you... treasure them with your whole heart!

I can't stop the inhume treatment of farm animals, I can't make anyone stop eating them, and my non-consumption will never make a dent in the 10 Billion animals killed each year in the U.S... these are just the facts. 

But by the grace of God, and the support of those who love me, I will do what I can.  That's my promise.

Thank you so much Renee - I love you sister!


  1. Farm Sanctuary is a great organization - we adopted a Turkey last year for my first vegan Thanksgiving. :) I did the same thing in my mind pre-veggie days - animals you ate vs animals you loved. It breaks my heart now. :(

  2. Hey Heather! I just read up on the Adopt A Turkey program at Farm Sanctuary. I am SO IN this November. Is it sweet or a snarky to adopt a turkey and send the certificate to a carnivorous loved one? I have until November to decide :)

    Did you see the NMA post today about Gene from Farm Sanctuary running his first marathon with the NMA group in D.C. this weekend? Would love to be at that dinner! Good, positive, compassionate stuff!