Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarterly Report: 1Q

If my life were a small business (which it kind of is!), this would be the end of the first quarter.  A fine time to look at sales, tweak the marketing strategy and review the Mission Statement.  I've been hacking away at my Dirty Five New Years Resolutions!  Here is my quarterly report:

#1  Learn to swim properly.  I went at this with a vengeance once I got all the fun accoutrement.  I was swimming at least 3 times per week and I got to the point that I could swim laps in the pool without much of a problem.  Then the ocean got cold (don't laugh, everyone is talking about it) and bad swimming conditions took over for about three weeks.  Every time I went to the sea, the waves were breaking and the water was cccooollldd.  The little break I've taken has been good for me but I'm ready to get back in the water.  I can't say that swimming is my "thing" or that I "love" it but I do like it and the physical benefits are a no-brainer.  I think it's safe to say that I learned to swim... continuing to swim is the next challenge.

#2 Spend an hour each day talking to loved ones.  I haven't made a ton of progress here.  I HAVE been a better texter - sending out love for no good reason.  I've also gotten FaceTime up and rolling on my iMac. Seeing my nephew for the first time via giant computer screen was pretty awesome!  Lesson learned from my Resolution:  Time is a seriously precious commodity.  Getting proper sleep is mandatory for me to physically complete my days.  Couple that with the time difference to the West Coast and things slide downhill in no time.  That's why it's a Resolution, right?  I'll work harder to have a better second quarter...

#3 Develop one visible abdominal muscle.  It's coming!  My diet is clean and I've got 37 days to go (the deadline is set to my husband's birthday weekend).  In seven days, the weekend cocktails get cut, as does the daily tortilla. 30 days of No Compromise and a wavering unshakable belief that it is possible are all that stand between me and my best effort.

#4 Convince three restaurants to add a vegan recipe to their menu.   ZERO progress here.  The first restaurant I wanted to approach spontaneously added a beautiful hearty salad with black beans, sweet peppers, toasted pumpkin seeds, tortilla strips, cilantro and creamy avocado dressing (OMG) to their menu.  They also added a "Fresh Market Garden Burrito" to compliment their black bean enchiladas.  This isn't technically a win in my column but clearly, my work here is finished.  I'll add a sub-resolution instead:  Eat at Cafe Sol at least twice in April, order the new items AND make sure to thank the Manager.  This isn't a tough one... Mexican food ranks second only to Indian.  Fire up the mariachis!

#5 Be a pacer at the Western States 100.  When I talk about WS I get so excited that I shake like my chihuahua!  My 12 weeks of trail training begins April 1 and I'm getting support from all over the place.  I've been studying my part of the trail, memorizing the names of the aid stations and doing my due diligence on the topic of headlamps.  My running is strong and effortless these days. I feel great! It seems the hardest part may be actually getting there. We're being moved to a new house and until I know when the move will happen, I can't buy a ticket. Can you hear me drumming my fingers on the desk? Additionally, the price of gas is driving up the airfare daily - taking my blood pressure right along with it! Yet I remain calm and pseudo-yogic.  It will all come together, it will all come together, it will all... 

All in all, not bad.  I need to pick up the phone more often and would love to shake off the discomfort of approaching restaurant owners.  I'll get there...  How are your resolutions coming?  I'd love to hear your war stories!

Btw, THANK YOU to everyone who read this blog in March.  It's been the most successful month to date and I know that your time is precious - any spent here with me is a great compliment.


  1. Lauren, you gave yourself quite a list of resolutions and I am not one bit surprised you have stuck to them!
    My personal favorites are the swimming and Western States. I get goosebumps when I think about you running in that event. It is just so freaking awesome!!
    It really is more challenging these days to pick up the phone and TALK to someone. We have all become so spoiled with modern technology. I personally love the fact that I can email or text (babble, babble) someone at midnight, when I get home from work, and eagerly wait for their reply. It's hard to set aside time to pick up the phone, so I admire you in putting that one on your list and following through.

    I am with you and the stressing about plane ticket prices. I check regularly for December dates to head your way and it always ends in a heavy sigh. Thomas always says what you tell will all come together, everything will be ok. :)

    I did not make any resolutions, but I continue to focus on keeping my diet clean. I have a lot of work to do...enter CHOCOLATE. One thing I have sort of accepted is that i don't have to be perfect at this. I started following a blog and the woman calls herself an 'imperfect' vegan. When you don't eat meat or any animal products and people know this, it's as though you are being watched and if you decide you want fish or ice cream...yes, I am close friends with Ben and Jerry, a huge feeling of guilt would consume me. I am learning to get over it. Ninety percent of my diet is raw veggies and I (we) work so hard to eat healthy and KIND...should I beat myself up if I want a little yummy? Some will say, "but you run so much, you can afford to eat that"...but that isn't even what it's about. Anyway, I am veering off course....

    I always look forward to your blog entries and know anything you post will have been researched and near and dear to you, which means I will love reading it!

    By the way...can I text you??? ;)

    Keep on blogging!!!!!!

  2. PS...sorry for my lack of writing skills...and your abs look beautiful!!!!

  3. Angie G! I just love you! You couldn't have hit the nail more on the head with the Imperfect Vegan statement. Now THERE is a topic for my next post! I daresay that even the "perfect" vegans have leather accents on their footwear - it never ends. We have used the animals for so much that it feels impossible to get away from it completely. Now I'm itching to write about this...

    You can text me any time! Be warned that I have an old crappy flip phone that requires hitting numerical buttons numerous times to make a letter but... I love getting texts while I'm cruising through my days. I'll send you the number via email - you'll need it anyway in DECEMBER :) It will work out... it will all come together...

    Last - can't wait to get to Oregon after WS. Period. Hugs! L