Monday, November 8, 2010

Wonder Woman crashed her plane...

I got into my invisible plane and flew it right into the side of a mountain! No, I didn't fall off the meatless wagon BUT I had an incredibly busy four day stretch and my vegetarian preparedness skills fell apart at a rapid rate. This morning I see the remnants of clear plastic plane all around me and I look like a puffy mess.

Let's start with Thursday - Kids Halloween party in the Embassy courtyard. I worked a full long day decorating in the heat and ate my yummy tofu and rice early - 10:00 a.m. - first mistake. 5 hours later..I don't even like sugar but in the madness of preparing for the munchkin onslaught, I ate candy. The party begins...55 kids, an office building full of candy, and burgers and dogs on the grill. After literally running around for hours I was starved without a single vegetarian option in sight - except for rums at the bar. In desperation and with the cleanup still ahead of me, I scrounged up a bag of microwave popcorn and sat in my office eating the salty mess in the dark (I hate flourescent lighting so much that I've neglected to call the maintenance crew to tell them all my lights have burned out). Summary: Candy, Rum, Popcorn.

Friday: Worked on the set up and decoration for the Adult Halloween Party - sweat, heat, yuck. Then attended a monthly party called Taco Tuesday that's actually held on Fridays (don't ask!). I get excited to share the veg wealth so I make fresh salsa, refried beans and a little soy burger as my contributions. No one touches my soy so I make it my business to enjoy as much of it as possible. Two tacos and a burrito later... bloat.. bloat.. bloat.

Saturday: Long run at 5:00 a.m. - feeling great. Beautiful smoothie for breakfast then WHAM there's still leftover soy meat and delicious roti skins in the fridge. I eat it all and then start cooking the food for the Adult Halloween party. Here come 48 deviled eggs, a HUGE rice and bean dip, more fresh salsa and the fixings for a PB&J Bar. Tasting, munching, cooking... As I get into my Wonder Woman garb I think.. "Does my invisible plane come with a BLOATATION device?"

Sunday: A smidge hung over but mainly just exhausted from the endless parties, cooking, cleaning and being a glorified cheerleader. But wait... we're having guests for dinner! Great guests that we love! My Wonder Woman nature returns and there are suddenly at least 100 projects around the home that I must accomplish before 4:00 p.m.! Scurrying around the kitchen cooking side dishes in between getting the house in top shape. I feel myself losing my remaining grip. Passed out at 9:00 p.m. in a carb induced exhaustion haze.

This morning I could barely read my scale through my bloated little toes! My body is revolting loud and clear. This is where Ayurveda steps into my life and takes over the clean up detail. More on Ayurveda later but sufficed to say that today has been a day of healing from the inside out!

All of this self-centered diatribe does have a bloggable point. You can be vegetarian/vegan/whatevs and still be unhealthy and overweight. It takes work, preparation and a consistent schedule to change your health through a vegetarian diet. I've had a relatively easy go of it up until Thursday. No vacations, disruptions in schedule and a bit of luck at the grocery store - I'm golden!

Until I flew the invisible plane into a mountain and got smacked in the face with the Lasso Of Truth!

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