Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perfect In My Eyes!

For MONTHS I have been tweaking several veggie & black bean burger recipes. (cue music) Today I unleash my concoction of perfection upon the blogisphere! Well, my version of perfection... That's the great thing about veggie burgers! After coming up with the few baseline ingredients, you can throw the whole darn fridge in the bowl and still churn out a great burger.

Here is my favorite version to date -

What's going in the bowl...

Place diced onions, mushrooms and garlic in a little baby fry pan with lid and sweat it all down with some cumin, coriander and garam masala (if you've got it!) Nice and mushy.

Mash smooth one can of black beans and one can of chick peas in a big bowl. Make sure to rinse your beans! It cuts the sodium in half and negates can sliminess!

In a small sauce pan, use one cup water to 1/2 cup bulgar wheat. Bring to a boil then shut the heat off and walk away.

You'll need some sort of binder. I'm trying to kick the "egg thing" so I used chick pea flour - also known as gram in Indian groceries.

Now, bring all ingredients (mashed beans, 1 cup cooked bulgar, spiced up veggies, approx 1/4 cup gram flour, black pepper and red pepper flakes) together in the bean bowl for the great mash up!

After all is blended, apparently it looks like my granite counters!

Place in fridge so mixture can merge... In the meantime, warm up a beautiful roti shell and throw in any remaining bulgar wheat to prep the landing pad for an awesome veggie burger.

Form a patty after about 30 minutes in the fridge. They are firm but still take care in when flipping. I use a little soy oil or spray canola while cooking. No need to go overboard in the oil department. These babies taste great!

Melt a little vegetarian cheddar, add fresh cilantro and (ever present) Bajan pepper sauce - Voila!

P.S. You'll have burger mix for a week of lunches for like $6!!!

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  1. Great recipe! Have you ever tried the powdered egg-replacers found in most Barjan supermarkets? I think it is made from arrow-root? I find that it works great..