Friday, October 29, 2010

Vegan MoFo

How cool is this! The blog Vegan MoFo is hosting their Fifth Annual Vegan Month of Food. Over 450 bloggers have registered for the 2010 Blog Roll. Each blogger has committed to posting a minimum of 20 posts in the month of November, highlighting Vegan food delights.

I took a troll through the 2009 Blog Roll and absolutely loved every blog I opened. This is an absolute GOLD MINE! I saw more delicious looking recipes in five minutes than I've managed to collect in the past month. I sense that covering this list of awesome vegan blogs may be my entire social life for the next few days - lucky as we're about to get our butt kicked by a HUGE tropical wave. There is zero to do here when it rains and your man is travelling!

Bookmark this site for the month of November and let the Vegan creativity rain down!

Addendum: Tropical Storm Tomas has granted me a very blustery guilt-free day indoors. Since the power returned a couple of hour ago, I've been snuggled with an iced coffee and my mutt perusing the 2010 Blog Roll for Vegan MoFo. It is amazing to read as these hundreds of bloggers prepare for what appears to be the Olympics of vegan blogging. Lots of bloggers are from Portland (my hometown) and the pictures of the produce, vegan food carts and funky city streets have nearly brought me to tears of nostalgia. Just a cruel reminder that I bought two packages of grapes yesterday and had to throw over half of them away before they ever hit the fridge. I think I receive double points for trying to go veg here. There are points, right?

Honestly, if you have any interest in adding some healthy recipes to your life - saddle up on November 1 and get your "Add to Favorites" button ready to link like never before. Who knows... maybe I'll be ready to join the MoFo fray next year!

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  1. That blog roll is right up your alley, and perfect timing. Happy reading Lauren!