Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Girl Who Hates Lettuce

Yes, that's me - The Girl Who Hates Lettuce. It tastes like crunchy dirt and makes me gag a little. I'm not a fan of any crunchy vegetables and my mantra for years has been "Pork At Every Meal". Trust me, a collective "WHAT!" will be heard around the world when my family and close friends read the news... I am taking a stab at vegetarianism.

I turned 40 this year and change has been blowing all around me - like a tornado in fact. I started running against my better judgment and completed a crappy half marathon, I've delved a little deeper into my yoga practice, my Ayurveda practices are rooting into my life (more on that much later)and I've managed to healthfully lower my weight to my best in years; like a neon Vegas road sign, all of these things keep pointing me toward "the V word".

This all started when our Ayurveda Practitioner, David Timbs, came for a visit from New Zealand. One of the girls in the workshop asked if he was vegetarian and why. David's reply: "If someone comes into your garden and steals a tomato, you might be irritated. If someone steals your dog, you're mad as hell and heartbroken. If they steal your child - it's absolutely unacceptable and devastating. Hence, we value life forms differently. There is a hierarchy and we have decisions to make based upon those values. I value animal life and choose to think of them as our friends - not our food."

I saw truth in that answer and liked EVEN MORE that David had to be asked - he didn't preach it from the mountain top 'all vegetarian guilting'. I thought about it quite a bit but couldn't conceive of giving up meat. Then about two weeks after he left I was playing with my dog and grabbed her hind leg, teasing her I bit her leg and said "I'm gonna eat this little leg". It hit me. Her leg is EXACTLY the shape and size of the chicken legs I roast on the weekends. Ouch.

I started on September 1, to eat meat only on the weekends. For the past two weeks, I'm down to fish on Sundays.

I know that many of you have felt a tugging in your gut about meat - either because of hormones and genetic altering, the impact of industrial farming on our environment or for humanitarian reasons. I hope to use this blog to share insights on what is out there as I make my way along this road. I've read some nutty stuff on the web so far (read: whack jobs!) but there is also a lot of good stuff.

With any luck I can compile the good stuff, add a little levity, and link some recipes that make me feel like I'm eating a Carolina pulled pork sandwich!


  1. I do feel like a hipicrit because I am such an animal advocate. I used to be vegan, but I am not sure I could go back. Although I don't eat a lot of mean, I do crave a rare steak every now and then. (hanging head in shame)
    You are such a great writer, it will be fun to read your updates and surely a great way for you to connect with others to get you through the cravings for that pulled pork. :)

  2. For all those people reading this Blog and assuming my comments meant eating was a discipline. No! Eating should be a pleasurable act but when it comes to 'health', and not philosophy, what you eat comes about 4th in order of priority. Influences on your health:
    1. Overeating = creates toxins (Ama)
    2. Your mental & emotional state when eating
    3. The time of day/night when you eat
    4. What you eat.

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey with us all :)

  3. Lauren - if I may clarify what I've been saying lately about THE Lauren McHugh (my surrogate wife/husband while my real honey is in Iraq), let's say this: Lauren McHugh KNOWS and DOES what she wants to do; and, she does it with loads of class, commitment, sincerity, and honesty. Love you bunches, dear, dear friend!! Happy blogging; this is fabulous.