Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome to the World Vitamix!

Nine years ago I gave birth to Tyson, my Dyson - and now we're welcoming my new bundle of bolts...

Precious Peanut!
No, I will never hear the pitter-patter of little feet on my kitchen floor (unless the mouse moves back in) but I will hear the grinding hummmmmm of my new Vitamix churning in the kitchen for the next 18 years.  I am overjoyed!

"Is a Vitamix overrated?"
"Is it worth $500?*"
"Why is it so much better than a blender?"

Because.  In under fifteen minutes I can blend a completely clear soup broth using raw vegetables, make creamy peanut butter using no oil, bang out some olive tapenade, and top it all off with a perfectly blended margarita.  And then it cleans itself using water and a drop of dish soap.  Truly miraculous.

I have fought with myself for MONTHS about making this purchase - just ask my yoga girls.  I swear I've laid out the pros and cons at yoga about 50 times.  I know they're internally screaming "JUST BUY THE DAMN THING ALREADY AND SHUT UP!"

In these economic times, it's not easy to part with that kind of money for a "blender" but then again... it's a Vitamix.  The King of blenders.  The One that is coveted by all vegetarians and vegans in their deepest heart of hearts.  Arguments can be made for the Blendtec or other commercial blenders but if we dig down deep enough - we find Vitamix Lust at the core.

In the end, I didn't have to make the decision or part with the cash.  My mom sent it to me for my birthday on March 2.  Here's where the * comes in:  The only way I found to get any sort of discount on a Vitamix is to take advantage of the Bed, Bath & Beyond "20% Off Any Item" coupon.  It's an online coupon issued for signing up for their email list.  This lowers the price to $400.  Outrageous? Yes.  But definitely less than $500!  Unfortunately, this coupon cannot be redeemed online for a Vitamix BUT they will honor the coupon in-store.  I asked my mom to purchase it for me and bring it down in her suitcase on her recent visit but instead she mailed it ahead of her arrival with a note that said "Happy Birthday Sweetheart!"  Awwww.

I repaid the gift my making absolutely everything in the Vitamix while she was here.  Of course, EnerPrime shakes were churned out ad nauseam but we had the most fun making the Tortilla Soup recipe in the beautiful cookbook that accompanies said "blender".  It also comes with an instructional DVD with chef Michael Symon who gave me the best pieces of Vitamix advice I've heard so far:

1.  Don't ever be afraid to work the machine.  It's smarter than you are.  It will shut itself down if it overheats and will turn back on when it's ready.  Try anything and everything - it's made to be used and abused.

2.  Don't put the Vitamix in a cabinet (mainly because it won't fit!) but leave it on the counter.  You'll find yourself using it 10 times a day.  Let it integrate into your life.

I took #2 to heart and rearranged my whole kitchen around the new baby.  The counters are cleared except for the Vitamix, a bowl of fruit for my Enerprime and a platter filled with spices. The Vitamix has center stage and I'm abusing it.

I'll post the Tortilla Soup recipe this weekend.  We made several modifications to the cookbook recipe and it came out beautifully.   Until then, just listen for the hummmmm!

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