Friday, December 21, 2012

It's EnerPrime Time!

I had a wonderful time with my family and friends who visited over the past 10 days!  It's a madhouse during trips like that but I have to embrace the madness because when it's over... the house is too quiet, the dog is depressed and all that excitement grinds to a halt.

Between the tours, the beach days and the laughter, I got to share a lot about my veg lifestyle with my loved ones.  It's easy to bore or make people uncomfortable when talking about eating animals.  I tried my best to keep the words to a minimum and my actions cranked to maximum:  Don't talk about tofu - make tofu!  Better yet, teach how to prepare tofu.  Set out almond milk for coffee like there is nothing to discuss.  Lay out a bowl of taco "meat" next to the chicken with no fanfare.   It just is.  My brother-in-law commented that he wasn't sure what I was I feeding him but it all tasted good!  Bingo.

My sister-in-law suffers with horrible frequent migraines and it was on my mind for weeks before her arrival.  I read up on migraine triggers and (more importantly) "What NOT to say to people with migraines".   Apparently, peppering them with stories of every person you've ever known that gets migraines and the myriad of ways they were cured is not appreciated?  So I thought about the problem the way I know best - nutritionally.  What could I do to make her feel good?  True, the sunshine and general awesomeness of Barbados would go a long way to making someone from Syracuse feel good but I needed to feed her from the inside out.

I use (and now rep) a nutritional greens product called EnerPrime which is manufactured by a small company in Northern California.  My friends Wayne and Angie introduced me to the greens back in June on our Western States RV adventure.  They have been using EnerPrime for 16 years and credit much of Wayne's recovery from two bouts of very serious cancer to the product.  Of course, his team of surgeons saved his life but even they couldn't explain the healing effects of EnerPrime on Wayne's battered body.

We started taking the greens six months ago and haven't missed a single day.  When we started, my husband's face broke out all over the place and I've never seen a blemish on that man.  My "EnerPrime Initiation" resulted in a LOT of time in campground bathrooms.  In fact, I'd like to personally apologize to KOA campgrounds in the Northern California region.  Sorry!  As we purged our bodies of toxins and residual "God knows what" in our digestive systems, we both had to admit that we felt great.  We kept it up during our travel for the marathon and used it within hours of the start and finish of the race to speed recovery.  In 12 years together we've never done anything this vigilantly but it's easy and the benefits are undeniable.  While I'm not much of a "rep" person, our household usage was getting to a level that needed a discount!  With a bit of reluctance (I gotta be honest!), I opened an account with the company so we could afford to keep chugging the "green stuff".

On the first morning of the family visit, I presented everyone with a shake upon waking.  No explanation. "Good morning.  Here's your breakfast!"  The sleepy sheep took the bait!  Taste is not an issue (read: my shakes rock) but I was worried that it wouldn't hold them over until lunch and the toaster might get dragged out for bagels and butter.  Why clean out the gut to immediately re-clutter?  So I started loading up the shakes with extra Udo's 3.6.9 Oil, ground flax seed, extra bananas and sliced apples.  Anything to bulk it up.

It worked like magic!  As I started to open up about EnerPrime and the effects it's had on our health, my sister-in-law started to see how it could change her situation.  She took her migraine medication on the first day of the trip as a precaution and had no signs of migraine for the next 10 days.  I taught her to make shakes for her and her husband and we came up with all sorts of variations that would satisfy them both.  I sent her home with enough EnerPrime to last for a month and now I'm holding my breath to see what happens as she returns to "normal" life.

I'm sharing all of this because a) I want to document my sister-in-law's story in some way.  If this sort of fundamental nutrition even just lessens her headaches, it will be a great gift in her life and yet another testimony to the power of the plants that God created for our use.  And b) I want to encourage you to take a look at your daily nutrient intake and make improvements. Are you getting 10 servings of veggies every day?  If so, BRAVO!  If not, join the other 99% of us and consider trying a greens powder.  I think of it as filling the cracks in my foundation with live green sand.  Before we treat symptoms, perhaps it's wise to fill the cracks and operate from a place of wholeness first.

When using a greens powder, a good rule of thumb is to identify a thickener (banana, ground flax, avocado, chia seeds soaked in water) and a sweetener (pure fruit juice, fresh or frozen fruit, a touch of honey or agave nectar) and then water and ice.  Any extra spinach, kale, lettuce, celery that's about to 'go" in your fridge can also get tossed in. Honestly, it takes less time than making toast!

There are many greens products on the market and many ways to make green smoothies using no supplementation at all.  If you'd like to try EnerPrime, give me a shout or click here. Otherwise, Google 'green smoothies' and get your blenders hummin!

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