Monday, July 23, 2012

What to do when injury strikes

No, I don't have any magical words of medical advice.  I'm resting (read:torturing) myself for two more weeks, which will result in a total of three weeks with no running.  Looking down the tunnel now, I don't see how I'll survive but here are some things I've planned to help me pass the time.

1.  Read new blogs to stay inspired and remember how it used to be when I was a runner (insert dramatics here - like throwing myself onto the bed and burying face in pillow).
2.  Obsess about the injury and scare the crap out of myself on WebMD until I'm convinced that it's really a life-threatening-flesh-eating-disease.
3.  Try to watch my food intake to avoid 10 pounds of "injury weight".  Running burns a lot of  calories.  Whining to my husband about not running burns almost nothing.  Must adjust.
4.   Practice my yoga breathing when I see the early morning runners on the road.  Remember that their running is not designed to mock me.
5.  Practice more yoga breathing when my running vest, new road light and extra Amphipod bottle arrive in the mail - all accoutrement for the ultra marathon I just dropped out of... awesome.
6.  Download massive amounts of new running tunes while trying to convince myself that this break is a good thing... when else would I have the time to download new music? Such crap.
7.  Watch the Western States documentary Unbreakable every night - sobbing optional.
8.  Take a few jog-like steps every few hours, shake my head and say "yeah, I think it's all good now".
9.  Talk to my dog about not running while she's napping. Otherwise, even she will tell me to shut up.


10.  Rest.  The hardest part of all...


  1. Oh, these are all just perfect and seem like reasonable ways to pass the time. You WILL NOT gain 10lbs. Your body WILL heal, rebuild and love you for the rest. I know it's easy to say from the outside, but two more weeks is a speck of time in the big picture of your running career....that WILL be decades.
    I also dreaded seeing people running when I was down. ON MY ROUTES TOO!!! How dare they?!
    I did A LOT of swimming...not the same, but the cardio is great.
    HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!


  2. You are the runners version of Bridget Jones! Thanks for the laugh- you are amazing in every way! Love you girl!