Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Love! Greens+ Berry Burst

Ah, the B12 debate!  I've written about B12 in a previous post so no need to rehash the whole enchilada but put simply... B12 is essential to our brain function and is most available in animal meat.  Actually,   B12 is found in the dirt that used to be on our vegetables before we bleached and sanitized them to death.  Now the animals eat dirt (in a perfect world!) and then we eat the B12 from their muscle tissue and organs.  

Of course,  I think there is a better way!  How about taking a supplement?  Genius!

Because I don't eat lettuce (see my very first post!) and I'm just getting my vegetable legs beneath me, I've been looking into the world of liquid greens to supplement my diet - especially B12.  I started with Vega Smoothie Infusion and LOVED it.  The only real downside is that I am an infrequent smoothie maker.  The blender, ice, almond milk, fresh juice and/or frozen berries, yadda yadda... the next thing I know, I haven't made a smoothie in two weeks.

I decided to try a powdered Greens product that mixes in a small amount of water.  THAT I can do daily - no problem.  The problem arose when I logged onto Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe to order.  Every single product in this genre has reviews that go something like this...

January 2, 2012  "Best tasting Greens product on the market!  I can't get enough!"  MarathonGuy33 
January 2, 2012 "This drink tastes like cat puke!  Do not buy!"  TriGirl12

Clearly, I had to order on blind faith.  And I did. I chose Greens+ Wild Berry Burst and just finished the bottle this morning.  I vowed not to write a review until it was done!  The first couple mornings I put it in the blender with water and ice until I realized I was back to making a smoothie kind of... So I put the blender away and gave it a shot just stirred into water.  It's a wicked dark green but the berry flavoring makes it work.  By mid-way through the container I was really looking forward to it every morning and slugged it back while I was making breakfast. The prep takes less than 10 seconds.  Easy!

Do I feel different? I think so.  At the very least, it calms the voice in my head that wants to "fight free radicals" and "get more greens".  I'm also completely squared away when it comes to B12 so my craziness can't be pinned on that deficiency :)

If you've been looking for a way to supplement your diet with greens and a good spectrum of liquid vitamins at least I've given you a review somewhere between Best EVER and Cat Puke!  Enjoy!

Link to Greens+ for all the nitty gritty
Link to Vitamin Shoppe for a better price!

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  1. I am with you and the smoothie making 'burn out'. I do good for a while, thinking I am all hot stuff and Brendan would be so proud. All it takes is one day of not allowing enough time or not having the ingredients. My recent 'burn out' was literal...I burned out the Magic Bullet trying to make hummus. Have yet to purchase a NINJA and get back to the smoothies. I appreciate you playing guinea pig with this simple product. May give it a try!!! :D