Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Favorite Thing... Podcasts!

So, I'm beginning to LOVE podcasts. I got started by listening to audio interviews I received with the purchase of a marathon training guide for vegetarians. The interviews featured professional endurance athletes who are vegan and their experiences of running first marathons, training and nutrition tips and inspirational stories from their careers. I listened to all five interviews numerous times and took away new bits and pieces each time. I enjoyed listening at the beach so much that I started investigating the world of podcasts.

I found many podcasts on the subject of vegetarian/veganism but a shining star soon emerged. Food For Thought by Compassionate Cooks founder Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is my new addiction. I downloaded around 30 episodes at iTunes and I can't seem to get enough. Colleen covers a wide range of topics and I've found value in each one. Some of my favorites have been...

On the Road: Traveling Vegan
The Language of Meat
How to Talk to Hunters (or anyone with whom you disagree)
Speaking Your Truth
Responses to the common questions... "Where do you get your protein?" "Aren't you worried about calcium?" "Why don't you eat free-range animals?" etc.

Colleen is the author of several cookbooks and cooking DVDs. You can check out her website at Compassionate Cooks. I've gotten so much from her podcasts that I've decided to become a sponsoring member of her website. That's a first for me! Here's a little video about Colleen and the work she's doing through Compassionate Cooks -

There is something to be said for finding "community" in your veg lifestyle and Food For Thought provides a bit of that feeling. I admit that some days I feel hopeless when researching the meat/dairy industry. Sometimes I need a little community after a dinner with friends where all sorts of animals are consumed. Some days my eyes are so open that I just want to shut them and fall back into the darkness. Popping in a little Food for Thought is an oasis. I highly recommend it!

Every day, each meal, is a choice and every choice matters. Eat Kind - Lauren

Oh! If you'd like to check out the pdf marathon guide from Matt Frazier at No Meat Athlete, click here. Matt's take is down-to-earth and full of humor and wit. This is a fun site veg or not. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the info Lauren. I will download and take a listen on the beach on Maui.
    My mantra...WWLD? I am going to have bracelets made!

  2. I love you Ang! Perhaps bracelets that say LMV would be even better... Living My Values! There's an indescribable joy and freedom on this path that I didn't see coming. So grateful!